>An Evening of Fun


Lastnight the Actor and his brother came over for dinner. We had roast chicken, potato salad, cheese bread and a fresh salad, and for dessert we had tea and cake, yum! 

It really felt nice to have a sit down dinner, mostly it’s just the Marja and I so we generally sit on the couch and eat.

After dinner we played 30 Seconds, and if you’ve never played this game with even semi-competitive people, DON’T. It’s not safe.

For some bizarre reason 30 Seconds brings out the worst in some people, even I (and I kinda think I’m a laid back kinda girl and totally NOT competitive) got super annoyed last night.

Needless to say the Actor and the Marja beat us. We also watched The Amazing Race. My Marja loves this show (I do too but she LOVES it), especially because we get to see so many places we’ve never been before. I. So. Desperately. Want. To. Travel.

Cabin fever aaaaaargh. Also, I was asked to model in a swimsuit shoot this weekend. I’m so super excited and nervous all in one that I think I’m a ball of confusing energy for those onlookers who get too close. Yikes!!

oh, and by the way how cute is this coffee bear!? I found it here.

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