>The Weekend That Was


Hello lovelies! I’m feeling pretty happy seeing as it’s almost time to go home from work! Can’t believe how quickly this Monday flew past! But, onto important things – the weekend, this weekend I…
+ Got a pizza and a dvd with the lovely drummer boy
+ Went to visit my gran who is going through Chemo at the moment for her lung cancer
+ Spoke a lot about future plans/changes/developments/dreams
+ Caught the train from Fish Hoek to Town and really enjoyed walking up to Kloof Nek
+ Stopped at a bar and had a drink with only me for company
+ Got very very drunk with the Magic Wal on a mixture of wine, beer, punch and sparkling wine (Don’t do it. Ever)
+ Was a brat and the lovely drummer boy still loves me (He is the best)
+ Woke up with scratches and bruises all over my hands, feet knees and stomach (What was I doing!?)
+ Had a rude and slobbish hangover
+ Spent my Sunday sleeping on the sound foam in the Sound Dungeons
+ Realised how stupid it is to drink too much
+ Felt all round groggy for two days straight now
Don’t drink kids, it ain’t worth it. How was your weekend lovelies?
Pic from here 

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