>The Weekend That Was


Woah, I’ve been so super busy I actually haven’t had time to post anything up for like a week! So sorry everyone … well, this weekend I
+ Found a giant gold clock on the street
+ Had a studying fashion designer turn my gold clock into the best neck-bling a girl could ever have
+ Drank too much Hunter’s with the fantastic wal
+ Went to PopShop24
+ Saw the lovely drummer boy’s gig at the Turtle
+ Lost my phone
+ Went and slept in the sound dungeons on Saturday while the lovely drummer worked on his projects
+ Bumped into Miss Bobby from Bobbylicious and her rockstar boyfriend at the You, Me and Everyone We Know Market
+ Bought a R20 Boobtube from the You, Me and Everyone We Know market
+ Bought tickets to see Maniac at the Labia
+ Went to fetch my phone from fantastic wal (who found my phone!)
+ Went to Fruit & Veg City (alone), bought myself lunch (alone), ate/shared my lunch with some pigeons, and really enjoyed it.
+ Watched Maniac with the lovely drummer boy, his brother, wonderful meh and fantastic wal
+ Met up with lovely Se, dressed up and went to a 21st at Julep
+ Then went to Assembly’s Halloween gig with lovely Se and wonderful Meh
+ Felt exhausted
+ Woke up super early, caught a train home to go on a township tour only to find out that I wasn’t going
+ Felt even more exhausted
+ Went to the Noordhoek Market and had an amazingly relaxed (fell asleep in the shade under our table) day!
+ Saw the pupps! They’re looking beautiful! (Pics to follow)
+ Got to have a pizza and coke date with the lovely drummer boy on the grass before he went back to the sound dungeons
Phew! What did you do this weekend? 
Ps, Happy Halloween for yesterday

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