>The weekend that was


I love weekends. That’s all I’m going to say. Other than this weekend I…

+ Helped the lovely drummer with his sound project
+ Went to the Lightly Salted exhibition
+ Had a really big and really late night on Friday (we got home at 5am!)
+ Bought the lovely drummer his birthday present
+ Went to a hot tip galvanising plant and had a personal tour
+ Remembered how much I love Maroon 5’s first album
+ Went clothes shopping and bought a pair of sunnies, tights, a plain white shirt, an awesome loose-fitting jersey and a pretty top
+ Said a sad goodbye to my aunt
+ Chilled with THE prettiest Guinea Pig
+ Hurt my back (again) and cried (again)
+ Had my Marja look after me just like when I was six and sick (thanks mom)
+ Helped lovely drummer clean his room (BIG job)
+ Met the fattest most fattest cat ever!
+ Had tequilas.

What did you do this weekend?

Tell me sweet things

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