>The Weekend That Was


I was still recovering from my stretch from last weekend so tried to take this weekend easy. Turns out, taking it easy on the weekend isn’t always easy. This weekend I…

+ Helped the lovely drummer move
+ Went to the Castle in Cape Town
+ Realised my friend “Boomslang” has an amazing job
+ Found out about heritage sites in Africa most people don’t know exist through the Zamani Project (Boomslang’s jobski)

+ Spent an evening in the sound dungeons
+ Went to bed early
+ Helped the lovely drummer boy move (again)
+ Went to wonderful Wal’s braai and met lovely Lola’s two beautiful twins
+ Ate some delicious Rib Burgers (braaied by thelovely drummer)
+ Went to the market at the Biscuit Mill
+ Met a dog called Pablo
+ Had a chat with Francois from Fokofpolisiekar
+ Drank Mojitos and &Union beer (Yum!)
+ Had a vegan wrap (tasted delicious)
What did you do this weekend?

Tell me sweet things

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