>10 things to tell me


Hello lovely people. Happy Tuesday.

I subscribe to the Women24.com newsletter, and the other day the editor (I think?) Sam sent a message to all us Women24-ers that really struck me. She told us about 10 things that she would say to her 17-year old self if they were to meet today.

Now I know that 22 (that’s me!) is not that far from 17, but when I sat back and thought about it there were a few things that I would want to tell my younger me, so I decided to share it with her and all of you,

10 Things I would tell my younger me:

1. Not everything is your fault, certain things (a lot of them) are completely out of your control
2. Don’t try fit in to find friends, find friends who fit into you and your world (it matters and makes a difference)
3. Just because he isn’t around much (the father) doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you
4. The way you dance, so uninhibited and freely, is so beautiful (you have no idea how beautiful).
5. Never lose your easiness to talk to and meet new people.
6. If you love it, don’t be too scared or shy to embrace it and go after it.
7. This is the most free you’ll ever be, just enjoy it.
8. Your love of animals is NEVER going to leave you, maybe think about doing something with them as a career.
9. Mixing your foods (ie letting your rice touch your cauliflower, heaven forbid) is NOT the end of the world.
10. You’re going to find him, and he is going to love you and make you feel like the most important and amazing person on the planet (thank you lovely drummer boy) sooner than you think.

What things would you tell your younger, beautiful and sometimes timid self?

Tell me sweet things

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