>Meep, Bobby Blah Blah’s blog



šŸ˜€ <– that’s my super chuffed face. if you could actually see me you’d know that i look like a proud puffin sticking out her chest and being all flowery-show-offish like a peacock.

the lovely bobby blah blah asked me to be interviewed on her blog. i answered allllllllll the questions last night and it should be in the next few weeks.

how cool AM i? the pic is just a little teaser ;

oh, and just in case you thought this an uninformative post … i had pizza for dinner lastnight. it was delicious and it loved my mouth so much that they had to be united as one. it sounded like this:

Pizza: hi best mouth in the world

Me: hi pizza!

Pizza: i like your white shiny teeth

Me: i like you! *nom nom nom nom nom nom *

i saved some for lunch today *super chuffed*

What did you have for dinner last night? 

Tell me sweet things

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