>Just Like Honey & Finding Things Once Lost


Dear Bambi, I love you
Bunny. That is all.
I do love these little trinkets. I’m a big fan of anything vintage and these have that age-old feel. And apparently they’re handmade! Squeal! I found them on Just Like Honey’s blog here.
I’m a definite collector and it’s almost as if it’s innate. On numerous occasions I have very randomly come across and discarded little toy-man. Here are my finds to date:
1. Headless Gorilla in the sand at a children’s park.
2. Smiling Soldier standing, watching me wash my hands at the Waterfront Nu Metro washbasins.
3. Soldier with paint on his face in the grass on the large circle just in front of my house.
4. Angry-looking Sonic the Hedgehog in a cobbled road in Bokaap as I stumbled barefoot down the steep slope.
I treasure these little finds and look forward to finding more. To the little kids who loved them and lost them. I’ll look after them for you, I promise.
Pics to follow. 

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