>Lady Meat(y) Gaga


I really, really, really don’t like this publicity stunt Gaga has gotten herself into (literally).

Some people do the most obscene things just to be “seen” and it’s so sad that people love this kind of dramarama.

So, just to make myself feel better I’m making my stand right here: Lady Gaga, I do not like your less than covered body with your secret hidden bits only covered by raw meat. What are you trying to say? Must we eat you? Are you hungry? Have you run out of clothes and the nearest thing to one of your ridiculous outfits was your little Chihuahua named “Luscious” (although considering the amount of meat on you “Luscious” might not have been enough.

Please. Get. Over. Yourself. Besides, meat isn’t something that should be made a spectacle of, its sad that we eat as much meat as we do as it is and now you’re rubbing it in the brain-dead mass’ faces making them think it’s ok to wear the stuff!?

Woosa. Woosa. Ok, Rant over. But still Gaga, i’m watching you.

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