>The Weekend That Was


The lovely drummer boy took off for Durban & Pmb this weekend for a tour with the lovely band, so I was woman alone this weekend and it proved to be quite delightful.

No damsel in distress symptoms (as I had imagined) were used in the making of this weekend. I survived two days sans the knight behind shining drumkit. This weekend I…

+ Was a third wheel (this never happens)
+ Was part of a team-effort
+ Got to see my lovely cousins (& aunts & uncles &…i have a very large family)
+ Shared secrets, smses, giggles and drinks with the wonderful Meh
+ Had a car-dance party for three minutes before going to Neighbourhood
+ Saw my gran who is slowly getting better ♥
+ Spent some time with the best mother in the land: My Marja
+ Saw people dressed as Penguins, Statue of Liberty and Mel Gibson from Braveheart all run into the icy waters at Fish Hoek Beach to celebrate Spring arriving
+ Met an (much) older man who I think is very, very sexy (Didn’t know it was possible past George Clooney) [Also, love you lovely drummer]
+ Pretty much got nothing done that I wanted to do.

Sounds lovely right? It was.

How was your weekend all you wonderful people?

Tell me sweet things

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