>Ugh, get over it


I really don’t get the drone-like way in which “fashionistas” seem to hail coffee as THE most fashionable drink (outside of alcohol, of course).

I find it bizarre that people genuinely WANT to be drinking coffee at THAT coffee house because…well, because it’s Vida (I’m not against Vida at all, I like their ice-coffees, but please). There’s an equally good coffee place around the corner and possibly you may not have to elbow your way to the counter, or squeeze your tiny little bum in the corner near the noisy silver machine that “Poofs” and “Wooshes” and pops out the cocoa goodness because there may actually be seats available!

Not good enough for me.

Then there’s those who get excited when “New fashionable coffee house” *The name eludes me* opens up.

It’s coffee.

It’s Just Coffee.

Just coffee.

Maybe it’s because I’m more of a tea drinker myself that this unfathomable obsession with having one of those small cylyndrical-cardboard-cups-that-immediately-point-you-out-as-cool is foreign to me, but I don’t see how a name on your coffee cup can automatically bump you up the Cape Town Cool-Factor-Ladder (is there even one of those?).

Who knows though, when some clever brander decides to give tea a makeover and make it sexy/trendy/too-cool to drink, I may just have to swallow my words.


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